Support - Setup Email on Android

To add an email account on an Android phone please make sure you have your email address and password and have tested that they are working by first going to or (check your settings) and logging in to ensure your password is correct.
Passwords are case sensitive so make sure to type it exactly as provided to you.

On your Android device:

Swipe down from the top of the phone to reveal the Quick settings menu.
Tap the gear icon at the top right to reveal settings
Scroll down and tap on Accounts
Scroll down and tap + Add Account
Tap Email
Input the email address and password for the account as provided to you and tap MANUAL SETUP

In the Manual setup window change:
Username to: your complete email address instead of just username.

Under Incoming server:
IMAP server: or (check your settings)
Security Type: SSL
Port: 993 which should already be set.

Under Outgoing server:
SMTP Server: or (check your settings)
Security Type: SSL
Port: 465 which should already be set
Make sure "Authentication required before sending emails" is checked
Change the username to instead of just username

When everything looks correct tap SIGN IN
Select the syncing options that you need and tap SIGN IN

On the Edit Names window change you can leave everything as default or change it to something that makes more sense to you and then tap DONE

If you get any errors, please contact us as attempting multiple connections could get your IP blocked if your password is wrong for example.